Distributed Generation:
Commercial Solar & Storage Solutions in the U.S.

To achieve clean energy transformation requires the scale and operational excellence of global energy leaders combined with proven market-specific expertise of the world’s most experienced renewable energy implementers.

Investing $60 Billion in Renewable Energy

As one of the largest energy companies in the world, TotalEnergies has established some of the industry’s most ambitious renewable energy generation goals, including investing $60 billion in renewable energy by 2030, which we will deploy in large part as owner-operators of commercial solar and utility-scale projects.

Our renewable energy vision is bold, and so are those of our customers, making us the premier energy transformation partner for commercial and institutional organizations committed to their own ambitious sustainability and operational goals.


Commercial Solar and Storage Leaders

Respected as the top commercial solar and storage brand in the USA, the former SunPower C&I division was acquired by TotalEnergies in 2022 to lead commercial solar deployment in North America. The commercial solutions team has installed more capacity for top tier commercial customers than other large solar providers with more than 1.3 GW projects currently operating or under development in the U.S.

U.S. Experience + Global Capacity

Our commercial solar customers benefit from 30 years of proven solar development and construction expertise, now amplified by TotalEnergies’ unrivaled financing and procurement power.

In an industry known for its volatility, TotalEnergies’ nearly 100-year history and forward-looking renewable energy commitments deliver rare long-term strength and stability. As project owners, we are as invested as our commercial solar customers in the safe, reliable, and productive long-term operation of our systems.

By empowering the commercial sector to make greater sustainability progress, TotalEnergies is helping our customers, partners and the world at large successfully achieve clean energy goals that are the foundation of our collective future.