EV Infrastructure

TotalEnergies has a portfolio of more than 42,000 charging stations in operation worldwide with more under construction, including service stations equipped with High-Power Charging (HPC) stations on major highways and charging hubs in urban areas.

We regularly install EV charging stations in connection with customer sited solar projects, particularly as part of carport solar deployments. This expertise translates into more optimized EV infrastructure solutions for our commercial and industrial customers.

We work with the top ULĀ®-certified and utility-approved EV charger network vendors to provide robust, modular EV charging solutions that feature the most advanced intelligent monitoring software. In addition, our EV chargers can operate at a wide range of ambient temperatures, making them safe for both indoor and outdoor locations. This approach translates into assets that are easier to both install and maintain over the long term.

Our goal is to minimize charging cost and power consumption to provide reliable operations and revenue generation (where relevant) for our customers as well as an efficient, hassle-free charging experience for drivers.

Our EV charging infrastructure projects are designed to maximize clean energy incentives, including those made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

TotalEnergies EV Charging Infrastructure Advantage

  • Worldwide experience installing EV infrastructure of every size and scale, from the largest HPC public charging stations and hubs to on-site EV charging serving employees and fleets.
  • Experience installing EV infrastructure with minimal disruption to parking lots and garages.
  • Relationships with the leading EV charger network vendors and utilities that allow us to optimize charging equipment for every unique charging station location.