Energy Storage

With more than 2 GWh of contracted energy storage under management and in the pipeline, TotalEnergies has the technical expertise to help our customers navigate the complexities of sizing behind-the-meter storage and microgrid systems and delivering retail electricity tariff savings.

TotalEnergies Energy Storage Advantage

  • We offer a simple, low-cost PPA transaction structure for solar-paired or standalone storage, and resiliency as an option. Solar, storage, and resiliency services are all paid for under a single contract with TotalEnergies. There is no equipment to purchase or maintain.
  • Our proprietary energy management software acts as the brains behind the batteries, automating Energy Storage System (ESS) demand charge management and energy arbitrage and optimizing ESS operations to align with government incentives for every project site’s location and utility.
  • We offer guaranteed savings without complex ESS performance monitoring. Our money-back Storage Savings Guarantee secures a minimum level of savings each year. If savings benchmarks aren’t achieved, the cost of the energy storage system is refunded.

We design our solar+storage systems to maximize clean energy incentives, including those made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The IRA has unlocked the potential for storage PPA’s in new markets, and our proprietary energy management software can generate a savings guarantee estimate in minutes given indicative load and utility tariff information.

Our end-to-end renewable energy systems include the industry’s most advanced battery storage hardware solutions with all of the leading hardware suppliers. We test and validate the systems to meet both safety and reliability standards. The battery system is designed for full remote operation and simple maintenance.

Depending on a customer’s resiliency needs, we can design battery backup systems capable of powering small, non-inductive loads for a matter of hours, or solar-plus-storage or advanced solar, storage, and other generation source microgrids that provide days or weeks of power when the grid is unavailable.

Project Highlight

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