Ground Mount

As a leader in ground mount solar development, TotalEnergies has delivered more than 520 MW of fixed tilt and single-axis tracker installations at 161 project sites across the U.S.

We strive to understand our customers’ energy goals and identify the optimal combination of land and system size to meet their unique energy needs.

Our ground mount systems are robustly engineered single-axis tracker or fixed-tilt solutions that ensure reliable performance over the long-term. Our focus on quality ensures that our ground systems will deliver on-target energy production throughout their operational life.

TotalEnergies Ground Mount Advantage

  • Extensive experience in engineering, construction and operations of commercial and industrial power plants ensures the optimal combination of land and system size to meet your energy needs
  • Flexible solutions maximize land utilization in constrained, challenging sites; maximize power in unconstrained environments
  • System components sourced from strategic partners that meet TotalEnergies’ stringent quality standards