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The Magic of Macy's Shines Bright with Solar

A Brighter, Bolder Solution

Macy’s journey toward sustainability is continually evolving as the company consistently sets and achieves its ambitious sustainability goals. In 2016, Macy’s once again increased its commitment by pledging to reduce energy usage on a kWh-per-square-foot basis by 2 percent each year in 2016, 2017 and 2018 from 2015 levels and install an additional 25 to 35 percent of solar power systems over 2012 levels.

TotalEnergies has been a long-standing partner in Macy’s solar efforts, having installed 71 sites to date. Together, Macy’s and TotalEnergies continue to identify opportunities around the country where solar installations make the most economic sense and where they best support the company’s growing sustainability goals.



TotalEnergies’ high-efficiency systems were ideal for maximizing the roof space of Macy’s retail locations, and TotalEnergies help Macy’s negotiate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to install many of its systems with little to no upfront investment costs. Through the PPA, TotalEnergies also provides all operations and maintenance. Because some of the roofs also needed roofing upgrades, TotalEnergies was able to integrate these upgrades into the solar installation.

Macy’s newest solar sites include a 2.25 MW system in Joppa, Maryland, a 243 kW system in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, and a 670 kW system in Walnut Creek, California. By the end of 2016, the projected annual output of Macy’s solar systems was approximately 50,000 MWh, most of which was sold to others.


Key Facts


North America

System Size
38.9 MW

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Date of Completion
Multiple project completion since 2007

Notable Benefits
Estimated annual output of 50,162 MWh