Saving Money with Smart Battery Storage

Optimizing the Benefits of Solar with Smart Battery Storage

While solar energy systems are a popular way for organizations to mitigate escalating utility costs, implementing battery storage systems – either solar-tied or standalone – opens up the potential for even greater financial savings.

Featuring intelligent controls, battery storage systems can automatically charge and discharge excess solar power at times when grid power is most expensive to save you money.

Curious if battery storage is right for your organization? Several states have incentive programs, including those listed below, to make batteries even more economical.


  • Self-Generation Incentive Program
  • Demand Side Grid Support Program
  • Distributed Electricity Backup Assets Program


  • Connecticut Energy Storage Program
  • ConnectedSolutions Program


  • ConnectedSolutions Program

Download TotalEnergies’ Optimizing the Benefits of Solar with Smart Battery Storage brief to learn about the mechanics behind money-saving strategies, like tariff optimization and demand charge management, as well as the characteristics of ideal battery storage candidates.