Press Release
Switching On Baltimore County’s Largest Solar Rooftop

TotalEnergies and Baltimore County Debut Solar Rooftop Project at Randallstown Community Center

Baltimore County, Maryland, debuted its largest solar energy project, located on the Randallstown Community Center rooftop.

In September 2021, Baltimore County signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) in which TotalEnergies would build, own, and maintain a 622 kilowatt (kW) solar system at the Randallstown Community Center. As part of the agreement, TotalEnergies sells electricity to the County for a fixed rate and term.

“We applaud Baltimore County’s commitment to sustainability by bringing clean, renewable energy to the heart of the Randallstown community,” said vice president of TotalEnergies Renewables USA Eric Potts. “The Randallstown project is a valuable addition to TotalEnergies’ growing presence as one of the nation’s top solar developers and our goal of achieving 100 GW of renewable energy production capacity by 2030.”

The system will generate roughly 800,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean energy, which will feed directly into the Community Center’s electric room to substantially lower electricity costs at the facility. Excess energy generated will be credited against any remaining usage on the Center’s monthly utility bill.

The project is also expected to offset over 558 metric tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to emissions from:

● 133 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year
● 62,818 gallons of gasoline consumed
● 110 homes’ electricity use for one year
● 1,293 barrels of oil consumed
● 615,252 pounds of coal burned

Renewable energy certificates for the project are owned by Baltimore County, advancing County Executive Johnny Olszewski’s sustainability efforts within County government.

“Climate change poses one of the most significant threats to our long-term health and prosperity, and we have a responsibility to take action today so the next generation inherits a more sustainable future,” Olszewski said. “We are thankful for this partnership with TotalEnergies, which demonstrates that we can invest in innovative solutions that save money and preserve the environment so that future generations can enjoy it for years to come.”

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